Drain Flies

Diptera: Psychodidae are 1/10 inch (2-3mm) in size.  Drain Flies are dark in color. Drain flies (or moth flies) are small, dark, fuzzy, moth-like insects. They are weak fliers, typically flying only a few feet at a time.

Fruit Flies

The adult flies are very small insects, about 1/8 inch long (3mm).  Body color is usually a light yellow to tan color.  Fruit flies are weak fliers. The thorax is tan and the abdomen is gray underneath and black on top. A feathery bristle is on the antenna. A distinguishing feature is their red eyes.

House Flies

House flies are gray, approximately 6 mm (1/4 inch) long, with four dark longitudinal stripes on top of the thorax, or middle body region. The mouthparts of the house fly are adapted for sponging up liquids. They cannot bite. Flies ingest only liquid food; they feed on solid food by regurgitating saliva onto it. The saliva liquefies the solid material, which is then sponged up with the proboscis. They require water since they continually salivate. Fly specks seen on surfaces visited by house flies are the excreted wastes.The adult Field Cricket is only about two or three centimeters in length. It is mostly black with brown markings on the thorax and wings. It has long, well-developed legs for jumping. Crickets can jump 20 to 30 times the length of the their body. If a human could do this, he or she would be able to jump about 150 feet in a single bound! Females are told from males by the presence of the ovipositor located at the end of the abdomen.

Blow Flies

Adult — Blow flies are a diverse group ranging from 6 to 14 mm in length and generally having a metallic sheen to their bodies. The black blow fly has a dark, olive-green body, black legs, and orange pubescence around the mesothoracic spiracles. The secondary screwworm fly also has a green body, but its head is predominantly orange. The body of the green-bottle fly, Phaenicia sericata, is primarily a coppery green with yellowish mouthparts. Lucilia cuprina is a medium sized fly and is mostly a bronze color. All blow flies have blunt mouth parts and do not bite.

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