Field Crickets

The adult Field Cricket is only about two or three centimeters in length. It is mostly black with brown markings on the thorax and wings. It has long, well-developed legs for jumping. Crickets can jump 20 to 30 times the length of the their body. If a human could do this, he or she would be able to jump about 150 feet in a single bound! Females are told from males by the presence of the ovipositor located at the end of the abdomen.

House Crickets

The adult House Cricket is about two centimeters in length. The body is usually light brown with black markings about the head and thorax. The female is told from the male by the presence of an ovipositor, a long extension attached to the end of the abdomen, used for depositing eggs in the soil. House crickets have conspicuous jumping legs and have two pairs of wings, of which, only the back pair are used for flight.

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