About Us

What we do & how we do it?

We Strive for the highest amount of impact using the least amount of exposure to humans and the environment. We have been in business for over 20 years (since 1992). “Complaints are top priority” :

  • Complaints received will be handled that day or the following morning.
  • We carry over 5 million dollars in insurance.
  • All of our employees wear picture I.D. badges.
  • All of our employees receive random drug testing.
  • LanYap can provide pest control services for all pests.


Special services available on an “as need” basis: Quote upon request, for birds, termites, mosquitoes, wood destroying insects, bees, tawny crazy ants, snakes, and traps for possums, raccoons etc, or any pest problems.

Service You Expect with the "little extra" You Deserve!